shift columGraffiti Dundee 90s

Rann Clann piece @ The Hawkie 1997

Rann Clann1997 Hawkie Pic by Symon Mathieson

Chrome Lettering Crazyness 1997 Hawkhill Factory Dundee

Bahamadia Detail 1997 Hawkie Dundee

Detail Bahamadia 1998 Hawkie Illicit Skate Park Dundee

shift colum

'Its your World' piece 1997


Skarne 2001?

Mark and Symon on scaffold 1994 Ardler Graffiti Art Project© Symon Mathieson

Ardler Graffiti Art Project 1994. Up scaffolding with Symon Bobby Hanney (R.I.P) © Symon Mathieson

Working at the Ardler Community Centre , MW and Bobby 1994 ©Symon Mathieson


Props due to original Dundee Graffiti cats- Bip n Jon Mcleish, Voigt Kampf -Andy, Stuart(Raiz), Mark (Lyken).

KRS Halley and Kane (Whitfield)
All the Beat Quest Rockers,
and all the new crews with them hi-top burners, getinthere!!