/ 1971-1991

I was born in Dundee and raised on the pletties oh Skarne Blocks on the infamous Whitfield Housing Estate during the 70s/80s. I learned to use ‘Skuff Koat’ before I was 8 but not on shoes. I was always fascinated by the graffiti on the walls at a really young age growing up in Whitfield, the graffiti was mostly musical, political and territorial yet it made lasting impact, I remember it all as clear as yesterday. The landscape from inside the Skarne was geometric, sharp with stacatto cut skies, strictly no curves.

I had some great times growing up in the Whitfield housing estate, or 'H Block' as it was fondly compared with.
Growing up in Dundee/Whitfield for me was all about, being a mod, discovering Northern Soul, going to all-nighters with my girlfriend, getting tailor made gear, discovering House music in 87, going see my beloved United, going to art college.

Whitfield has had a profound effect on my art, having lived there the experience of Skarne life made an impact on my visual style and interests in architecture. Below are some examples of my work and research exploring the Whitfield experience with an emphasis on the original architects optimistic vision for the mini city.

“One such territory of symbolism that I am often drawn towards centers on the projected idealizations that appear to show us a future way of life, a future that is to be emulated, and hence lays out a possible normality for us all.”
Stephen Willats Conceptual Living 1991



Cherry Tree In Whitfield by Mark Wallaceshift columThe planners dream goes wrong

shift colum'Cherry Tree' 2013 Print on Sumerset Archival papershift colum'Planners Dream Goes wrong' 2013 Screenprint

Pletty in Whitfieldshift columSkarne Brochure

shift colum'Pletty ' 2013 For The Kora Exhibitionshift colum'Brochure' 2013 Kora Exhibition

Skarne bridgeshift columTypical Layout Silkscreen , Fabriano on Paper-

shift colum'Hexenection' 2013 Kora Exhibitionshift colum'Typical Layout' Screenprint on Fabriano paper

'Big Shops'Pamphlet Image for Kora Exhibition 2013

Skarne Pamphlet 2 layout

Inside Layout Skarne Pamphlet 2


'Skarnopticon' Double sided book 100 cm x 12cm


'Skarnopticon' book detail 2013

Whitfield in Colour

Summer in Whitfield early 70s, Skarne a multi view

shift colum

shift colum'Skarne Plan' Poster for Kora Exhibition 2013shift colum'Toff in the Bronx'

'Live in the Skarne' Collage and Watercolour painting

shift colum'Shams Land' 2000 Screenprint Map of Whitfield Gangs

Design for Gang Jersey for Aexis Show @The VRC Dundee 2003





"130 Skarne Blocks, 4, 5 stories high,

arranged in Hexagonal Honeycomb patterns,

thought perfect for the populace to dwell in,


Gregor Marks 1999