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STV, Soulstice , Beat Quest , Groucho's , Flyers , Club nights , Deep House , Soul , Whitfield, eading rooms ,Skarne Blocks, Whitfield, 1971, Architecture, Geometry, Pre Fabricated mass housing, 60s architecture, Urban Structures, Shams Land, Gang Jerseys Dundee, Sham Rock, Young Whitfield Mods, Graffiti, Skuff Coat, Outer City Blues, Tom McGrath, Kora The Rep, Magnetic North, Steven Willats

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on the Allanton Soul Express 1987,Soul In Scotland, Northern Soul, Collecting Rare soul, 45s, 33s,wax, Editions, Multiple Art, Soul Pilgrimage,
Outer City Blues Old Dundee Whitfield,Colin McCluckie ,Robbie BurnsLinks Link