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shift colum‘Invisible Scotland: Revealing a Process of Interdisciplinary Discovery’

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shift columAn International Gathering of Multidisciplinary Place-Based Researchers in Scotland


Invisible Scotland

Discovering Dundee: Patrick Geddes and Traces in Place

Aug. 2nd : Dundee and Patrick Geddes
Guides: Mark Wallace and Aidan Williams: 'The Hidden City'
09:00-12:00: Dundee walking tour

Schedule: 3 hour walking tour across the heart of Dundee, looking at the 'spectral traces' embedded with in the city of unseen geometries and examining ways in which the visible and invisible social histories intersect.

Mark Wallace and Aiden Williams Hidden City R


'Hidden City' tour with Mark Wallace (left) Aiden Williams (Centre) Dundee 2013


hidden city tour dundee 2013 Invisible Scotland mark wallace and aiden williams


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